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Re: opensshd cvs solaris issue

From: Robert Andersson
Subject: Re: opensshd cvs solaris issue
Date: Tue, 25 Feb 2003 16:28:04 +0100

>>>>> "LJ" == Larry Jones <lawrence.jones@eds.com> writes:
LJ> Robert Andersson writes:
>> when using the openssh sshd on solaris 9 with 
>> UsePrivilegeSeparation yes 
>> cvs will freeze using :ext: method connecting with ssh. switching off
>> UsePrivilegeSeparation will fix this problem. i think this is a bug in
>> cvs, so i am posting this to you. i also couldn't find anything like
>> this in your bugdb.

LJ> You don't say what verions of CVS you're using -- if you're not running
LJ> the most recent release (1.11.5) on both client and server, I suggest
LJ> you upgrade and see if that doesn't fix the problem.  If not, since
LJ> changing the ssh configuration fixes the proble, it's far more likely to
LJ> be an ssh bug than a CVS bug.

sorry, cvs version 1.11.5 it is.

/robert --who still thinks it's a cvs bug :)

Systems Administrator
Swedish National Graduate School of Language Technology

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