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bug report: update with two -j params: join fails for a specificfile if

From: Horne, Graham
Subject: bug report: update with two -j params: join fails for a specificfile if the first tag is not found
Date: Tue, 25 Feb 2003 17:56:53 -0000


I am merging changes from a branch to the trunk. I am using tags on the
branch to indicate which changes have already been merged to the trunk (ie
before the merge, I tag the current state of the branch). I then use cvs
update with two -j params to mark the scope of the changes I want to merge
to the trunk. (eg cvs update -j tag1 -j tag2)

If a file has been created on the trunk, then modified on the branch since
the last time I did a merge, then that file will not be tagged with the tag
used in my first -j parameter. (tag1 in the example)

Expected outcome:

What I would expect CVS to do in this case, is to behave as if only one -j
had been specified (ie merge changes from the common ancestor of the working
copy and the revision identified by the (2nd) -j parameter - (tag2 in my

Actual outcome:

What CVS actually does is:
* report an error "cvs server: file <filename> exists, but has been added in
revision <2nd -j parameter>"
* leave the trunk version untouched - (ie it fails to merge the branch to
the trunk)


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e-mail: graham.horne@drkw.com
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