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bug: tag deletion without using taginfo handler

From: STEELE Edwin
Subject: bug: tag deletion without using taginfo handler
Date: Wed, 26 Feb 2003 15:17:01 +1100

        I've found a process whereby it's possible to remove tags
from files without the process running though the taginfo handler.
This causes problems as we have strict checks in place (via taginfo)
to stop tags being removed when they have been used in a formal build.
I can't find any reference in the docs to indicate this behaviour is
intended and it's most certainly unexpected.

Here's how:
echo "sometext" > bug.txt
cvs add bug.txt
cvs commit -m"msg" bug.txt
cvs tag MYTAG1 bug.txt
echo "moretext" >> bug.txt
cvs commit -m"msg2" bug.txt
cvs update -r MYTAG1 bug.txt
cvs remove -f bug.txt
cvs commit bug.txt
cvs update -A bug.txt

At this stage, we have bug.txt without the MYTAG1 tag being present
on the file. At no stage has the taginfo handler been run. If I replace
"cvs update -r MYTAG1 bug.txt" with "cvs update -r 1.1 bug.txt", I get
the message:
cvs remove: cannot remove file `bug.txt' which has a numeric sticky tag of

which seems to suggest that the process above should get a similar message
 and prevent the remove operation.


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