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Bug: protocol error

From: Eric Siegerman
Subject: Bug: protocol error
Date: Wed, 2 Apr 2003 15:23:14 -0500
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This bug is really simple on one hand, but the description
might be a bit confusing because it involves CVS's own repo.  I'm
working in a sandbox of the ccvs project, checked out from:
The sandbox is up to date as of about 13:45 on 2-Apr-2003.

    % cd <sandbox>/src
    % cvs log options.h options.h.in
    protocol error: duplicate Kopt request: -ko

All of the following commands do what I expect:
    cvs log options.h           # one file at a time
    cvs log options.h.in
    cvs log options.h log.c     # two files, but only one of them dead
    cvs log log.c options.h

I've verified that neither options.h* file exists in the sandbox,
and neither is mentioned in CVS/Entries.

This also fails:
    cvs log foo bar

So it looks as though the bug is triggered not by dead files per
se, but by files that don't exist in the sandbox for whatever
reason.  Sure enough:

    % rm log.c
    % vim CVS/Entries           # delete entry for log.c
    % cvs log log.c options.h
    protocol error: duplicate Kopt request: -ko

I can reproduce this with CVS, and also with a cvs
binary compiled from that same sandbox.


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|-_|/  >   Eric Siegerman, Toronto, Ont.        erics@telepres.com
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A distributed system is one on which I cannot get any work done,
because a machine I have never heard of has crashed.
        - Leslie Lamport

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