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removed files reappearing when they shouldn't

From: Robert Hayes
Subject: removed files reappearing when they shouldn't
Date: 4 Apr 2003 05:58:04 -0800

I've come across some cvs behaviour that just doesn't make any sense
to me.  Maybe someone here can shed some light on the situation?

Basically, consider what happens if you:
 - add a file "foo" to directory "bar" at, say, 11:00
 - check it out to two locations, "a" and "b" at 11:01
 - do a cvs remove of foo from location "a" at 11:02
 - modify foo in location "b", "Up-to-date check failed" error, update
(fine) and then commit changes at 11:03

Clear?  (btw, I'm using cvs version 1.11)

Now, this is where things happen that I don't understand.
 - if I check out "bar" at 11:06 (not specifying any
revision/tag/branch/time details), the file "foo" is not there.
 - if I check out "bar" at 11:06 (specifying a time such as "2 seconds
ago"), the file "foo" is still not there.
 - however, if I check out "bar" at 11:06 (setting the time to be,
e.g. what the time was a short time ago (say 11:05)), the file "foo"
_is_ there.
Is that not bizarre?

Note that this isn't an issue with different times on the client and
server; I'm giving the time as the time on the CVS server.

Can anyone else reproduce this and tell me what is going on?

Robert Hayes

Realtime Interactive Physics

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