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Taq Polymerase, as low as 10 cents/Unit! - NEW from BioCarta

From: dave
Subject: Taq Polymerase, as low as 10 cents/Unit! - NEW from BioCarta
Date: Mon, 14 Apr 2003 22:23:46 -0700

Dear Researcher,

As part of a set of  Frequently Purchased Products : BioCarta is pleased
to offer native Taq DNA Polymerase in several convenient sizes.
Each vial of Taq includes 10X PCR buffer with or without MgCl2.

Taq Polymerase is a highly processive, thermostable DNA polymerase
exhibiting very high activity in primer extension during thermocycling.
Each lot has been tested for contamination and no endonuclease activity,
nicking activity or priming activity has been detected.

10X PCR buffer and MgCl2 can also be purchased separately.

Taq Polymerase with 10X buffer containing MgCl2
enz-10001.2     500 Units               $70
enz-10001.3     1000 Units              $130
enz-10001.4     2000 Units              $249
enz-10001.5     5000 Units              $499

Taq Polymerase with 10X buffer without MgCl2
enz-10002.2     500 Units               $70
enz-10002.3     1000 Units              $130
enz-10002.4     2000 Units              $249
enz-10002.5     5000 Units              $499

10X Taq Polymerase Buffer, with MgCl2
buf-10005.1     1 ml                    $10
buf-10005.2     2 ml                    $15
buf-10005.3     5 ml                    $20

10X Taq Polymerase Buffer, without MgCl2
buf-10006.1     1 ml                    $10
buf-10006.2     2 ml                    $15
buf-10006.3     5 ml                    $20

buf-10007       1 ml (100 mM)   $10

*Prices valid in the U.S. only.
For more information please see the Featured Products section on our
webpage http://www.biocarta.com/FeaturedProducts/taq.asp?eID=BU35778RG
BioCarta is committed to providing you with innovative research tools for
cell biology, immunology, and molecular biology.  We are continuously
adding new and exciting products to our extensive catalog.  Please visit
our website at http://www.biocarta.com/home.asp?eID=BU35778RG to view a
complete product listing.  Be sure to browse our interactive pathways to
learn more about your model of interest.
For more information or to place an order, please contact us at:

Toll free in the US     1-877-641-2355 x227 (Customer Service)
Fax                             858-200-2038
Email                           info@biocarta.com

BioCarta Europe tel     +49 40 525 7030
Fax                             +49 40 525 70377
Email                           info.europe@biocarta.com

Japan Orders (Wako Pure Chemical Industries, Ltd.)
Tel                                     0120 052 099
Fax                             0120 052 806
Email                           info@biocarta.co.jp

Website http://www.biocarta.com/home.asp?eID=BU35778RG
We will send periodic email alerts to registered users of the BioCarta
site and other members of our BioCarta mailing list.  If you would
like to be removed from our email alert list, then please reply to
this message, changing the subject of your email to UNSUBSCRIBE.
or visit this page to unsubscribe

*These products are for research use only. Not for diagnostic or
therapeutic applications.

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