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Details on CVSNT SSH Usage on Win2K/XP

From: Jeff
Subject: Details on CVSNT SSH Usage on Win2K/XP
Date: 8 May 2003 10:29:34 -0700

Hi All,

I am having great difficulties understanding how to set up CVSNT to
run in Win2k/XP to serve remote clients.  From my research in
newsgroups, all similar questions regarding CVSNT and SSH have been
answered in the form of "Yes, it can be done" but none is followed by
HOW it can be done.  References to online manuals don't seem to lead
to any definitive information.  I would greatly appreciate some
detailed help in this matter.

I would simply like to run the CVS NT server on a Win2k/XP box and
have multiple Win2K/XP clients access a repository over the network. 
>From all the documentation I have read, it seems the recommendation is
to use SSH, not only for security but for stability and portability as
well.  Let me share what I have done so far.

1. Installed both TortoiseCVS 1.2.2 and WinCVS 1.3 on a Win2K client
2. Installed CVSNT 2.0.3 on a WinXP server box

My questions are:

1. Does CVSNT 2.0.3 come integrated with a SSH server?  This is not
clear from all the posts or the manual.  The installer allows one to
select SSH support, but does CVSNT actually have SSH server

2. If it does not come with SSH server functionalities, what are the
steps to get it working with one, preferrably the free one from

Thanks in advance for your help.  When in doubt, please include more
details rather than less. ;-)


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