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Re: PAM patch - final - ChangeLog additions

From: Derek Robert Price
Subject: Re: PAM patch - final - ChangeLog additions
Date: Thu, 08 May 2003 18:02:53 -0400
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Brian Murphy wrote:

Hows this?

These are pretty good, though the standard is to itemize the changes by function. For cvs.texinfo, list the nodes that were changed instead of the functions. For files like NEWS & INSTALL, list the section name.

Also, do you have autoconf installed on your system? You listed the changes for config.h.in, but something like:

   *config.h.in: Regenerated.

is sufficient, since autoheader should have regenerated config.h.in based entirely on data in configure.in, provided you `./configure'd your workspace with `--enable-maintainer-mode'. Just be clear about what changed in the configure.in entry.

Patch in ordinary diff to protect against context changes.
I didn't add my name - since I don't get to do the committing, what's the usual
procedure here?

People usually provide their name, though it doesn't matter. It does give me something to copy & paste though, since I will credit you. Otherwise I usually grab the name and email address of the contributor from the first email at hand.

Also, you don't need to provide the ChangeLog chunks as diffs, though you may continue to if you find it it easier.



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