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SSL pserver, CVS

From: Brian Murphy
Subject: SSL pserver, CVS
Date: Fri, 09 May 2003 21:51:12 +0200
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   continuing on from my work on PAM I would like to
implement pserver over ssl to remove a security hole.
I can see there was a long discussion, going nowhere,
between a /Greg A. Woods/ (a very angry man it seems)
and /Derek R. Price/ ;-) in 2001about an stunnel implementation.
I thought of this too but I really don't like it - the setup is too
complicated for ordinary people - even I would prefer to sit
down for a few weeks and implement ssl support than use
this awkward solution (which I'm sure I could set up in a few
hours). I can see it working on the server side but on the client
side configuration is too complicated.

Please don't mention any ssh related solutions - I really don't want
people to have local shell access on the cvs server.

Is anyone interested in seeing this implemented and getting it included
in CVS, that is, apart from me? Or perhaps it's already done?


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