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Problem installing and accessing CVSNT (2.0.4) on XP-Pro using SSPI

From: ialexei
Subject: Problem installing and accessing CVSNT (2.0.4) on XP-Pro using SSPI
Date: 18 May 2003 14:47:35 -0700


I am encountering a strange problem with trying to access CVSNT server
on Windows XP Pro with SSPI. I have followed the instructions given on
cvsnt.org step by step. This is a brand new installation of Windows XP
Pro. Here is what I have done.

1. Created a windows user account cvsuser1 on the server.
2. Created a temp directory and used the UI to point the temp location
to this directory. This directory is located on the same level my
repositories are located (d:\CVSReps\CVSTemp).
3. Used UI to create and initialize my repository (d:\CVSReps\Repo1)
4. Restarted the services.

To test the setup.
I set my CVS root to
> set cvsroot=:sspi:cvsuser1@cvsserver:/Repo1
> cvs login

cvs [login aborted]: unrecognized auth response from cvsserver: cvs
[server aborted
]: Authentication failed

If I use pserver instead of SSPI, it works without any problems.
I am able to create, checkout and checkin modules both using command
line and Tortoise UI.

Has anybody else seen this problem. I have CVS at work, installed on a
Windows 2000 Server, accessable thru SSPI, which works great
(installed this in March). I am unsure if this a problem with Windows
XP Pro, or my setup with CVS or a bug introduced in 2.0.4


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