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substitution flags and forced revision numbers

From: Ronald Hoogenboom
Subject: substitution flags and forced revision numbers
Date: Thu, 22 May 2003 14:24:46 +0200

Hi all,

This is how to trigger the presumed bug:

add a file using 'cvs add -ko myfile'
-> ~ file added, use commit to commit.
(look in CVS/Entries: the new file actually has the -ko flag)
commit with a forced revision: 'cvs commit -r0.1 -m "" myfile'
-> ~ ok, initial revision 0.1
(look in CVS/Entries: the -ko flag is GONE!, new:sticky revision tag T0.1)

Even after 'cvs up -Af myfile' (to clear the sticky tag), the -ko flag is
still gone (and unwanted substitutions are indeed made).

On the cvs server, the Entries file visible from the commitinfo scripts,
however DOES contain the -ko switch at the above commit step.

cvs: 1.11.1p1

Ronald Hoogenboom

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