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stop now!!!!!

From: kristie0880
Subject: stop now!!!!!
Date: Thu, 22 May 2003 15:24:50 EDT

i have researched, and investigated.  if i haven't succeeded in de-bugging ____-my___computer, than i demand the originator to de-bug my computer;  i am reporting this illegal harrasment to the proper authorities.  i know that any activities i have had in the past on my pc has been very legal and to the point, and with no harrassment or intentions of conflicting emotional stress and /or  mental abuse.  i do not deserve this at all .  whomever is behind this apparantly  does not  know me as a person at all.  this person needs to really work on their interself.  i pray for this person, and for this unlawful escapade to stop immediatly.

attn:  bunnyslippers;oper a/6.05 @ga.us;wineyes;gather er/0.9@ga.us;(just  a quick list of your spy scources.)

sitecheck, apache, waol.we, mozilla, geco,  spyproof, gandi (protective resources international,inc;jeffco.us.com.;redhat,adobe,acrobat;webmaster,www.lhello.com;i do apologize if i have left any of the thread or streaming out.   the proper officials will have everything they need.

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