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Ridiculous question about CVS's ability extension

From: Bhushit Joshipura
Subject: Ridiculous question about CVS's ability extension
Date: 23 May 2003 14:06:01 -0700

I am not able to convince myself completely that the following idea is
ridiculous. Please help.

My C / C++ / TCL projects have been in CVS.

CVS knows last dozens of changes that the code underwent exactly. This
way, it knows the past and present of software.

Is it possible to comeup with some extension of CVS that can *predict*
my next checkin based on this data?

We can use some predicting technique and feed basic block graph or
some higher level grammar as data. The outcome may be as vague as "in
function a, add else to seventh if's second if's third case" or "in
function a, add else somewhere inside seventh if".

(And oh yes, you can always prove CVS wrong by checking in something
trivial and then checking in that else.)

-1. We can brow-beat checkers in of bad code. "See! This is what CVS
thinks of our code!"
0. While checking in, we get to know what other things could probably
go wrong. So before human reviewer / QA / users hits that weak part,
we can hit the code ourselves and save a lot of time.


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