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Re: Ridiculous question about CVS's ability extension

From: Max Bowsher
Subject: Re: Ridiculous question about CVS's ability extension
Date: Fri, 23 May 2003 22:27:35 +0100

Bhushit Joshipura wrote:
> I am not able to convince myself completely that the following idea is
> ridiculous. Please help.
> My C / C++ / TCL projects have been in CVS.
> CVS knows last dozens of changes that the code underwent exactly. This
> way, it knows the past and present of software.
> Is it possible to comeup with some extension of CVS that can *predict*
> my next checkin based on this data?
> We can use some predicting technique and feed basic block graph or
> some higher level grammar as data. The outcome may be as vague as "in
> function a, add else to seventh if's second if's third case" or "in
> function a, add else somewhere inside seventh if".

Seems fairly ridiculous to me. You are essentially asking CVS to *write your
project for you* !!!

I think if even a weak form of this kind of prediction was at all feasible
with a practical degree of accuracy, we would see it in an IDE - probably
either commercial, or university-based, given the likely quantity of
research involved.


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