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Re: adding on branch

From: Paul Edwards
Subject: Re: adding on branch
Date: Sun, 25 May 2003 21:07:09 GMT

"Max Bowsher" <maxb@ukf.net> wrote in message 
> > Ok, but an import is another way of adding a "head" version.
> > So the import should also go through the same logic, moving a
> > file out of the Attic and putting it into the normal spot,
> No, if you import on top of a dead head revision, you get a conflict, as
> expected, and then you merge, and the commit after that commits and alive
> revision, causing the RCS file to move out of the Attic.

What I meant was, if you do an import, and no file currently
exists, it will automatically add it, and a head will now exist,
where none previously existed.

So import is different from adding on a branch.

Import is expected to create a head version.

So if in the Attic there is an existing file, but it only has a branch
(file was added on a branch), there is no explicitly-dead head,
then that should also be reason to move out of the Attic.

At work, our multiple projects are branched off various drops of
various imports.  The head is never used.  So we never get files
added on a branch moved out of the Attic unless I do it manually.

C'est tres annoying!  :-)

BFN.  Paul.

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