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Re: Suppressing log suppression (down with the -l switch)

From: Derek Robert Price
Subject: Re: Suppressing log suppression (down with the -l switch)
Date: Thu, 29 May 2003 11:23:48 -0400
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Larry Jones wrote:

Derek Robert Price writes:
Is there a valid reason for client suppression of history logging?  Larry?

Remember that CVS was designed to facilitate collaboration among
cooperating developers, not to act as a fascist nanny.  I presume the
option is there so that one can avoid cluttering up the history file
with "uninteresting" stuff.

Okay, but how many friendly, cooperating developers do you think really bother to turn off history logging when they don't think what they are doing is "interesting"? More likely, they trust the system administrator to filter or rotate the logs as they see fit.

I guess I'm just looking at this as pretty much useless, or unused anyhow, by the majority and anethema to people like our bug reporter and why not remove it?



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