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Re: Case conflicts between Attic and main-line code in CVS 1.10.6

From: Paul Edwards
Subject: Re: Case conflicts between Attic and main-line code in CVS 1.10.6
Date: Mon, 02 Jun 2003 12:15:32 GMT

I wouldn't have believed that Attic files would have weird
bugs compared to non-Attic files unless I saw it with my
own eyes.  (sorry, an in-joke around here).

Do you mean 1.11.6 or 1.10.6?  Why not upgrade to 1.11.6
if the latter?  Apparently no-one has problems with Attic
files in 1.11.6 except for an obnoxious Sydney-sider.  :-)

BFN.  Paul.

<Mark.Hewitt@Lawson.com> wrote in message 
> Since upgrading to CVS 1.10.6 (pserver, Solaris 9), we have a problem
> whereby if we have a filename in the Attic
> that differs only by case from one in the main-line code, Windows clients
> refuse to checkout the branch with a:
>         cvs update: move away
> Category_Review/Client/tis_included_app/winhelpkey.orc; it is in the way
>         C Category_Review/Client/tis_included_app/winhelpkey.orc
> Regressing to 1.10.5 solves this problem, and this is what we have had to
> do.
> Please tell me if there is more information required or a better way to
> report issues of this kind - sorry the 'cvsbug'
> script does not work for me for a variety of reasons (no internet access
> from repository, including mail, it also
> complaining 'mktemp: not found.').
> #!/mjh

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