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update bug (was: adding on branch)

From: Pierre Asselin
Subject: update bug (was: adding on branch)
Date: Sun, 1 Jun 2003 20:33:54 -0400
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I changed the title to attract new readers.  Paul, your problem has
nothing to do with the Attic or dead trunk revisions.  It also happens
if a file added on the trunk and a file with the same name is
imported later.  To reproduce,

    import a test tree
    check out the trunk
    add a file "gatcha" on the trunk, commit, delete the sandbox
    add a file "gatcha" to the initial import tree, do a second import
    cvs checkout -j first_import -j second_import

You get a warning about "gatcha", but once the warning flies off the
screen there is no indication of a conflict.  The merge logic seems to be:

    1) file has the new import tag but not the old, so must add
    2) file is already present, can't add;  warn
    3) oh, well.

I would much prefer if update (or checkout -j -j), finding the file
already in the sandbox, attempted the three-way merge between sandbox
and import, with /dev/null as the common ancestor.  That seems to often
yield a file with the two versions bracketed by conflict markers, even
if the two versions are almost identical.  Not very good, but at least
it's fail-safe.  Currently, the conflict information is lost.

Yow.  I guess I'll have to do my merges like I do my imports and
capture the screen output

    cvs update -j blah -j blahblah 2> ../err | tee ../out

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