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Keyword substitution command options override binary status for reposito

From: Dieter Maurer
Subject: Keyword substitution command options override binary status for repository files
Date: Fri, 6 Jun 2003 10:03:44 +0200

I think, it is a well known problem that

 1.  binary files are implemented via a keyword substitution mode

 2.  keyword substitution command options override the binary status ("-kb") 
for repository

This becomes a problem when one wants to use "-kk" on 
"cvs update|checkout] -j ..." to get rid of stupid merge conflicts in
keyword values. When such a command covers a binary file, the file can get 

The attached patch prevents that a keyword substitution command option
can override a "-kb" in the repository file. 
It is still possible to change the keyword substitution mode for the repository
file with "cvs admin".

Kind regards

Attachment: cvs.pat
Description: Patch preventing keyword substitution command options to override a repository files "-kb" (binary) Mode

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