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Making CVS 1.11.6 on Windows/C++.NET produces linker-error"unresolved e

From: Tobias Wirnsberger
Subject: Making CVS 1.11.6 on Windows/C++.NET produces linker-error"unresolved external _locate_rcs"
Date: Fri, 06 Jun 2003 16:25:37 +0200

I am new to cvs and right now in charge of setting up a cvs environment
in my company, where we will be using a cvs server on SUN and Windows
I downloaded the latest stable release 1.11.6 and tried to build the
Windows-client using nmake /f cvsnt.mak  I have Visual Studio.NET 2003
installed on  Windows 2000. Compilation went all right, but the linker
failed on an unresolved external  "_locate_rcs". After looking around
for a while, I pasted the two functions locate_file_in_dir and
locate_rcs from the file .../src/filesubr.c to
.../windows-NT/filesubr.c. After this, the nmake ran without problems.
Also the cvs-client seems to be ok, although I havn't been able to test
it very thoroughly. If  this bugfix is correct, please include it in
your next release. Otherwise please let me know.

Tobias Wirnsberger
SICAD Geomatics Gmbh & Co. oHG
Rohrdamm 85
D-13629 Berlin
tobias.wirnsberger@ sicad.de
Tel: (0049)(30) 386 24 99 3
Fax: (0049)(39) 386 42 26 5

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