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RE: import inconsistency

From: Shaun Tancheff
Subject: RE: import inconsistency
Date: Fri, 13 Jun 2003 11:01:30 -0500

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> "Stefan Monnier" 
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> > >> Files in the Attic is a very common place situation: every time 
> > >> someone adds a file to a branch before it's added to the trunk,
> > > Very rare for a home user to do something like that.  You need
> >
> > What makes you think that CVS is only used by home users or 
> that only 
> > home users would scream if they encountered a bug ?
> What makes you think that it is a very common-place
> situation?
> All the messages I have seen in here appear to be coming from 
> people who use the head.  I haven't seen any indication that 
> people are adding files on a branch and then importing over 
> them either.
> Not a great survey, but where did you get your information from?
> > The fact is, active files in the Attic is a situation that 
> happens all 
> > the time in many actively used repositories and so the 
> corresponding 
> > code is being tested on a regular basis.
> Source on the "many"?  And even if you have them, it doesn't 
> mean it is being used in the same situation as me.  Are they 
> in the Attic AND on a branch?
> Apparently all this time I was the only one who ever did a
> cvs diff between two tags too, and noticed the corresponding 
> bug on deleted files.  Presumably the many active 
> repositories don't use "cvs diff" much?  Or "cvs rdiff -s" 
> either.  Or maybe there aren't that many truly active 
> repositories like mine?

Actually at my last job almost all of the development is done on
branches, the only difference being that we never did 'import' code from
outside. Our repository size (rough metric) is in the hundreds of
thousands of files and the storage (of the repositories which I admin'd)
is a little under 80GB. So I don't think that we are non-trival home
users :-).

Of course we didn't use rdiff, and most of our cvs diff was front-ended
with other gui's. But we most certainly had no issues with any of the
common functionality of CVS. On the other hand we wanted a few tweeks
here and there and I maintained our local patches to CVS (and other
flavors like WinCVS) across all of our platforms - OS/2, UNIX
(Slowaris/Linux), and Windows).

The developer pool was ~150 active and ~800 more that I would classify
as casual users.
http://shaun.tancheff.com/              /?/   -_-   /
  :-) shaun ;-] shaun.tancheff@csausa.com

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