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Re: import inconsistency

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: import inconsistency
Date: 16 Jun 2003 11:08:35 -0400
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> I was going to bring that up.  It might make sense to redesign the vendor
> branch system to accomodate such a complex process, but why not just do your
> first import, branch _that_, and merge future imports like they came off any
> other branch?  Is there any reason in your process to require the vendor
> branch, intended as a base for the trunk, other than the ease of typing
> a `cvs import' command?

I'd recommend the Meta-CVS `grab' command.
It's like an `import' but done right: it basically takes an unmanaged
directory, and just creates admin files so that the directory is
now under Meta-CVS control and you can just `mcvs commit' to finish
the import.  This way you get a chance to add/remove the files that
need to be ignored, etc... and it works for any branch.


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