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Kerberos patches

From: Alexey Mahotkin
Subject: Kerberos patches
Date: Wed, 18 Jun 2003 00:34:54 +0400
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[ Keep me in Cc: when replying, please.  I am not subscribed to bug-cvs. ]

of course, I forgot to put numbers on two of the four messages with
Kerberos4 patches.  So, the sequence to apply them is like this:

O  [ 214: -> bug-cvs@gnu.org     ] [PATCH] Kerberos client split [1/4]
O  [  49: -> bug-cvs@gnu.org     ] [PATCH] Kerberos: support -lkrb4 [2/4]
O  [  65: -> bug-cvs@gnu.org     ] [PATCH] Kerberos: rename start_tcp_server()
O  [ 350: -> bug-cvs@gnu.org     ] [PATCH] Kerberos: HAVE_KERBEROS4 symbol

I do not have a slight chance to actually test those patches (and I doubt
there are many who has).  I only extensively compile-tested them.

So, the client.c is now at ~4900 lines.

Please apply,


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