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CVS documentation wrong: .bashrc not read

From: Hans Meine
Subject: CVS documentation wrong: .bashrc not read
Date: Fri, 20 Jun 2003 18:27:47 +0200
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I just had a problem with cvs-over-ssh and cvs not being in the remote 
standard $PATH: The section "2.9.2 Connecting with rsh" says

> Make sure that the path which rsh printed in the above example includes
> the directory containing a program named cvs which is the server. You
> need to set the path in `.bashrc', `.cshrc', etc., not `.login' or

Sadly, bash does not seem to have ANY dotfile which is read for 
non-interactive, non-login-shells.(!)

(Yes, exporting CVS_SERVER helped.)

Ciao, /  /
    /  / ANS

PS: I could not set mail-followup-to in KMail, so CC me if you feel like doing 
so (anyhow, I just wanted to report that the docs could be misleading, since 
.bashrc is definitely ignored in this case)

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