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Re: Keyword substitution command options override binary status for repo

From: Dieter Maurer
Subject: Re: Keyword substitution command options override binary status for repository files
Date: Tue, 24 Jun 2003 07:03:51 +0200

Hi Mark,

Mark D. Baushke wrote at 2003-6-6 01:44 -0700:
 > ...
 > Yes, I believe this is TODO item 216:
 > | Avoid command-line keyword expansion modes overriding binary mode
 > | (or make binary mode completely separate from keyword expansion mode).
 > I do not object to the concept of the patch you have provided. If you
 > provide a patch for documentation and a some test cases for sanity.sh I
 > will vote +1 to include this patch on the trunk.

I attach an extended patch which covers "cvs.texinfo" and
"sanity.sh", too.

In "cvs.texinfo", the "XXXX" must be replaced by the CVS version
number including the patch. This is vital information, because
the use of "-kk" can destroy binary file without the patch.

The "keyword2-20k" test has unexpected behaviour. It outputs
two "U binfile.dat" lines. This may be a bug in updating
binary files exposed but not caused by my patch. I leave the
analysis to someone more familiar with "cvs" than I am.


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Description: Patch preventing "-kk" to override binary status

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