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Multiple files with the same name but different capitalization

From: Julian Payne
Subject: Multiple files with the same name but different capitalization
Date: Fri, 27 Jun 2003 17:13:30 +0200

Dear CVS Team,
We are experiencing problems with CVS 1.11.6 (we upgraded from 1.11.2)
due to the following situation:
    IlvCSSEngine.java      <-- HEAD
        IlvCSSengine.java   <-- JViews-5-5 branch
When using CVS 1.11.2 we were able to check out the
head and get IlvCSSEngine.java and when we check
out in the branch JViews-5-5 we get the file
With CVS 1.11.6 this is completly broken and the
server is completely lost as to what revisions and
tags exist for the 2 files and the files are no longer
usable (the server says that they do not exist in
the version and so deletes them from your local
Can someone confirm that this no longer works?
How we will be able to maintain our old repository
which contains the old versions of our product that
we need to be able to checkout in order to build
patches etc?
Thanks in advance for your help,
Julian Payne

ILOG Sophia-Antipolis
Les Taissounieres HB2
1681 route des Dolines
06560 Valbonne


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