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Re: SIGSEGV in error.c:155 using cvs-1.11.6

From: David Shea
Subject: Re: SIGSEGV in error.c:155 using cvs-1.11.6
Date: Sat, 28 Jun 2003 01:25:35 -0400

Larry Jones wrote:
> David Shea writes:
> > 
> > When I tried to create a new file in a CVS repository to which I don't
> > have write access, the remote CVS process segfaulted.  I was connecting to
> > the server using ssh.  The local process output the following:
> > 
> > cvs server: ERROR: cannot write file /repository/project/newfile,v: 
> > Permission denied
> > Terminated with fatal signal 11
> > Core dumped; preserving /tmp/cvs-serv8268 on server.
> > CVS locks may need cleaning up.
> > 
> > The corresponding core dump on the server indicated that the segfault
> > occurred when strlen was called with a NULL argument in error.c at line
> > 155.
> I can't reproduce this.  Could you post a full traceback?

(gdb) backtrace 
#0  0x080da493 in strlen () at strlen:-1
#1  0x0805fb71 in error (status=0, errnum=135823216, message=0x0)
    at error.c:155
#2  0x08077c20 in RCS_parsercsfile (rcsfile=0x0) at rcs.c:249
#3  0x080593c2 in fixaddfile (file=0x8187f70 "newfile", 
    repository=0x8198cc0 "/repository/project") at commit.c:1784
#4  0x0805860a in commit_fileproc (callerdat=0x0, finfo=0xbffff780)
    at commit.c:1254
#5  0x08084fb5 in do_file_proc (p=0x8198c58, closure=0xbffff778)
    at recurse.c:832
#6  0x08064465 in walklist (list=0x8198d08, proc=0x8084e68 <do_file_proc>, 
    closure=0xbffff778) at hash.c:370
#7  0x08084d4f in do_recursion (frame=0xbffff880) at recurse.c:736
#8  0x08085904 in unroll_files_proc (p=0x8187fb8, closure=0xbffff880)
    at recurse.c:1209
#9  0x08064465 in walklist (list=0x8198510, 
    proc=0x8085799 <unroll_files_proc>, closure=0xbffff880) at hash.c:370
#10 0x080847ba in start_recursion (fileproc=0x80583e5 <commit_fileproc>, 
    filesdoneproc=0x80589c4 <commit_filesdoneproc>, 
    direntproc=0x8058b9e <commit_direntproc>, 
    dirleaveproc=0x8058c86 <commit_dirleaveproc>, callerdat=0x0, argc=1, 
    argv=0x8187ff0, local=0, which=1, aflag=0, locktype=0, update_preload=0x0, 
    dosrcs=1) at recurse.c:347
#11 0x080577ed in commit (argc=1, argv=0x8187db8) at commit.c:663
#12 0x0808c3c1 in do_cvs_command (cmd_name=0x813732d "commit", 
    command=0x8056f62 <commit>) at server.c:2783
#13 0x0808d6c7 in serve_ci (arg=0x8187eba "") at server.c:3508
#14 0x0808f9a0 in server (argc=1, argv=0xbffffde8) at server.c:5101
#15 0x080720e3 in main (argc=1, argv=0xbffffde8) at main.c:996
#16 0x080bf368 in __libc_start_main ()

David Shea

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