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Re: 1.11.6 Update broken

From: Sabertooth
Subject: Re: 1.11.6 Update broken
Date: 30 Jun 2003 02:13:28 -0700

Hi Derek,

Perhaps I'm a little confused.  In section "10.2 Bringing a file up to
date" of the manual it says:

When you want to update or merge a file, use the update command...the
newest revision of the file is extracted from the repository and put
in your working directory.
If any of the changes between 1.4 and 1.6 were made too close to any
of the changes you have made, an overlap occurs. In such cases a
warning is printed, and the resulting file includes both versions of
the lines that overlap, delimited by special markers.

To test the problem I'm suddenly having, two people checked out the
same revision of a file and editted the same line differently to cause
a conflict.  One was commited.  Running cvs status on the other copy
yielded the correct message--a conflict has been detected and needs to
be merged.  So we ran "cvs update" on the file which in the past
performed as described above--it placed delimiters around the
conflicting lines.  But for some reason, it now simply overwrites the
local file w/ the latest revision.  It does, however, save the local
file as stated (.#Filename.revision).

> Unless the files were in binary mode (-kb).
Is it possible this is a result of the file somehow being in binary
mode?  How can I tell if a file is slated as binary in the repository?


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