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export of modules with explicite filelist fails

From: Rolf Sandau
Subject: export of modules with explicite filelist fails
Date: Wed, 2 Jul 2003 14:57:14 +0200


When specifying a module with explicite filelist in the modules file (e.g.)
      MODULE -d Hugo top sub1 x.txt
the checkout command does the expected, but the export command reacts
strange. The reaction is quite different for pserver or local, but it does
not work for both. I recognized the error on a repository connected via
pserver from Windows-Client (wincvs 1.2 => cvs 1.11) to a Linux-Server
running version 1.11.1p1. But when reproducing the error on a local windows
or Unix test-repository (see below) it failed  too.
Using a local repository the export skips files/directories while via
pserver it exports the whole repository under the module. (For the
pserver-test I copied the repository-subpath 'top' to another existing
repository and patched the modules-file to define 'MODULE'.)

Small sample-repository
(See attached file: test.tgz)
includes everything to test this case.

      cvs co -D today MODULE
      cvs export -D today MODULE

Rolf Sandau

Wireless Access Systems       Mailto:Rolf.Sandau@marconi.com
Marconi Communications GmbH   Phone:      +49 (0) 7191/13-4709
D-71509 Backnang              Fax:  +49 (0) 7191/136-4709

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