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rootname on NT CVS server

From: Michał Kandulski
Subject: rootname on NT CVS server
Date: Wed, 16 Jul 2003 14:14:42 +0200
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I run CVS client 1.11.5 on Windows 2000 with cygwin.
I try to connect to a NT CVS server.
This is the command line:

    cvs -d:pserver:kandul@zeus:d:\\cvs login

and the client answers with:

    cvs login: CVSROOT requires a path spec:
    cvs login: :(gserver|kserver|pserver):[[user][:password]@]host[:[port]]/path
    cvs login: [:(ext|server):][[user]@]host[:]/path

I found a proper place in source code (root.c, line 440):

    if ((p = strchr (cvsroot_copy, '/')) == NULL)
        error (0, 0, "CVSROOT requires a path spec:");
        error (0, 0,
        error (0, 0, "[:(ext|server):][[user]@]host[:]/path");
        goto error_exit;

So the client requires a '/' character in the root strnig, which is not present in mine. If I try:

    cvs -d:pserver:kandul@zeus:/d:\\cvs login

the parsing succedes and the client answers:

    /d:\cvs: no such repository

which is true, so this cannot be a workaround.

So now I cannot work with my cygwin command line client, also I used to be able to some time ago (I don't remember the version numbr).


P. S. I found the same root checking code in 1.11.6 (root.c, line 444)

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