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Re: authenticating cvs against ldap

From: Brian Murphy
Subject: Re: authenticating cvs against ldap
Date: Thu, 17 Jul 2003 19:13:07 +0200
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Sunil wrote:

Hi brian,
i want that pserver users to connect the CVS machine using their Windows NT
passwords.We have NT4 network with two domain controller.One is primary
domain controller(PDC) and other is secondary domain controller(BDC).
I have downloaded pam  patch to CVS  from
I have to install this patch on Suse linux 7.0.After extracting the tar file
when i run the make file it starts giving error message.So could you please
tell me what is the procedure for installing  this patch on Suse Linux 7.0

This link is a cvs checkout of PAM for linux, i.e. they develop PAM using cvs for source revision control. You need my patch and the source code to cvs 1-11-6.
See some earlier postings on the CVS mailing list bug-cvs where I describe
the procedure. It would all be a lot easier if I could just refer you to a cvs version of cvs with the patch included but it seems like something - I know not what - is holding up it's appearance despite the fact that it is a very popular feature

Can anyone on the list enlighten me as to why it is not applied?

The configuration of pam which allows authentication via windows I know
nothing about.


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