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"HEAD" and "MAIN" default tag in CVS

From: David Chan
Subject: "HEAD" and "MAIN" default tag in CVS
Date: Mon, 21 Jul 2003 19:18:40 +0800
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I found that in CVS 1.11.5, there are two default auto-generated tag "HEAD" and "MAIN" for modules.

I found that "HEAD" tag represent the latest version of files, and when I select the "MAIN" tag, it seems that the same latest version of the files are shown.

May I know What are the difference between them?
May I know more about these two tags?
Is there any documents I could take reference to?

I tried to search over the documentation "The Cederqvist" from www.cvshome.org, but failed to get detail information about these two tags. But I am not sure if I missed any information from it, if you know which section I could obtain detail information about these two tags, could you please tell me?


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