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Checking a Tag

From: Roser Timm (KADA 31)
Subject: Checking a Tag
Date: Wed, 23 Jul 2003 08:39:42 +0200

As i never saw my request on the list i post it again - please excuse if you 
receive it twice.

Hello there
We have a cvs problem that looks like a bug to me, and i'd like to hear your 
If we tag a module and later on delete the same tag on the module, cvs acts 
as when the tag has never been set.
I recon that cvs checks the val-tags file only when deciding whether the tag 
exists and doesn't look at the files themselves 
to say good or bad.
This looks inconsistent to me: 
if you check out a module with a tag, you would either expect cvs to 
  - return with failure saying "no such tag" - when the tag has not been set on 
the module 
  - or it should return the files in the tagged revision
What it currently does is:
  if the tag has been set once on any module in the Repository (and therefore 
is in val-tags) it returns with success but with 
  no files when the tag has not been set (or deleted) on the module. It should 
return a failure and "no such tag" though !

For any automated build process this is difficult to handle as the returncode 
of the checkout is not deterministic.



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