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cvs log -rREL_0::REL_1 bug in CVS 1.11.5?

From: Paul Mohr
Subject: cvs log -rREL_0::REL_1 bug in CVS 1.11.5?
Date: Fri, 25 Jul 2003 18:22:54 -0700

I'm trying to generate change logs between tagged releases by using:

        cvs log -rREL_0::REL_1

where I want to see all the changes between REL_0 and REL_1 (not including
REL_0). However, when I issue this command, CVS excludes both REL_0 and
REL_1 log information, not just REL_0. The single colon form, however (cvs
log -rREL_0:REL_1) seems to work properly.

I'm running CVS client v1.11.5 under Cygwin and CVSNT server v1.11.1.3
(Build 65).

Any thoughts?

Paul Mohr
Intuitive Surgical, Inc.

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