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server CPU spinning

From: dbrown0710
Subject: server CPU spinning
Date: Fri, 1 Aug 2003 13:48:08 -0700

Hi - we're using CVS server 1.11.5, and developers are using the latest
TortoiseCVS client.

One of our developers is always having the following problem, which looks to
be server-related:

When doing a CVS update, right as the client is about to download an updated
large binary file from the server (such as a static library), the CVS server
will spin at 100% CPU usage forever (untill the process is killed). The CVS
client just locks up as well -- apparently waiting for the server to start
sending data, which it never does.

Any ideas here? This always seems to happen when attempting to update binary
files. Text files work fine.

running cvs 1.11.5 on a FreeBSD Intel box.



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