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Script for Converting ClearCase repository to CVS

From: Patrick Toma
Subject: Script for Converting ClearCase repository to CVS
Date: 8 Aug 2003 09:57:47 -0700


I am currently looking for a way to migrate a ClearCase repository
over to CVS. I've seen multiple postings referring to a perl script
which does the conversion, checking files out of ClearCase and
checking in to CVS.

Does anyone have a copy of the script? I've been told it was posted in
its entirety on a newsgroup at one time.

If anyone can point me to the location of this script, or post it back
onto the cvs newsgroup, I'd really appreciate it.


Patrick Toma
Viewlocity, Inc. 
14801 Quorum Drive
Suite 600
Dallas, TX 75254 USA

phone: 972 715 0359
fax: 972 715 0302 

email: ptoma@viewlocity.com

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