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Re: cvs vs cvsnt and trunk to branch merge problem

From: Mark D. Baushke
Subject: Re: cvs vs cvsnt and trunk to branch merge problem
Date: Tue, 19 Aug 2003 02:04:50 -0700

das deniz <das_deniz@yahoo.com> writes:

> I'm not sure where the blame lies but I wanted to put this out there
> and find out if anyone knows about this and if there is a fix.
> problem:
>   1) branch created
>   2) changes commited to trunk including introduction of new files
>   3) tag first_tag of trunk
>   4) more changes to new files in trunk commited
>   5) merge out from first_tag to branch
>   6) merge branch into trunk
> changes to new files that were made in trunk after tag used to merge
> out are lost - reverted back to the first_tag versions....
> looking at the file revision history for a particular file indicated
> that new files that were created in the branch had version numbers
> based on the HEAD of the trunk instead of the version related to the
> tag used to do the merge.
> more simply:
>   later.c added to trunk after creation of branch
>   later.c at rev 1.3 at time of tag first_tag creation 

okay. first_tag for later.c is version 1.3 and you created a BRANCH tag
which was 1.3.0.X when you used first_tag to create the branch right?

>   later.c modified and now at rev 1.4


>   merge first_tag into branch working area 

what commands did you use here?

>   this merge creates later.c with rev 1.4.x.1 (NOT 1.3.X.1 ?!)

This does seem odd. Are you sure that later.c was tagged with the BRANCH
tag based on the first_tag? Getting a BRANCH:1.4.0.X in your 'cvs log'
and a 1.4.X.1 version number would seem to indicate that your BRANCH did
not have a copy of later.c until you merged that file onto your BRANCH.

>   merge of branch into trunk reverts new rev of later.c to 1.3
> contents

What commands did you use for this?

     cvs checkout -A module
     cd module
     cvs up -jfirst_tag -jBRANCH later.c

or something else?

> please tell me this is a cvs/cvsnt (are these different code bases?)

Yes, cvs and cvsnt are different code bases.

> bug, and that it's been fixed since cvs 1.10 and/or cvsnt 2.0.2.

Many bugs have been fixed since cvs 1.10. I do not really know very much
about the cvsnt code base.

If you can come up with a series of cvs commands that reproduce your
problem, that would be great. For inspiriation, look in the sanity.sh
script that comes with the latest version of cvs (1.11.6) from

        -- Mark

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