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Update from remote - reflect in history file

From: Dmitry Ryzhkov
Subject: Update from remote - reflect in history file
Date: Mon, 25 Aug 2003 00:14:52 +0200

Daer all,

I'd be very-very grateful for your help to find workaround for the

I can't find any way to register 'cvs update ..' command in the file if this
update is requested from the remote machine.
In fact, if I execute this command remotely, cvs client says

P myfile.ext

when the same local operation gives

U myfile.ext

What's interesting, local update command perfectly makes record like this:


I set LogHistory=all in the file $CVSROOT/CVSROOT/history, but this does not
help :(
Actually, I'm newbie in the CVS, so may be I'm doing something wrong in
Remote client is connecting with SSH from the windows box to Linux one; as
well as from one AIX to another AIX via rsh.
Is that bug or I did not read something carefully enough?

Please, if you know how to register remote update(patch) - give me an

Many thanks in advance,

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