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Re: assertion fault. on loggin

From: Pierre
Subject: Re: assertion fault. on loggin
Date: 25 Aug 2003 02:58:42 -0700

Paul writes :
> Well, those look like very unusual addresses to me.
> But fn looks more reasonable.
> Can you try putting
> >     if (fstat ( (fn = fileno (bc->fp)), &s ) != -1)
> instead of == -1
> so that I can see what good pointer values look like on your system.
> BFN.  Paul.

On a login :
bc is 2002f7d8
bc->fp is f0004c00
fn is 3

On a checkout :
a lot of S<- ou S->
bc is 2002eee8
bc->fp is f0004c00
fn is 3

Larry Jones writes :

>Did you get a core dump?  Can you examine it with a debugger and get a
Yes, we get a core dump.
We are looking for a way to get the traceback ( a bit technical, isn't-it ? ;) )


pceteaud at macif.fr

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