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RE: Building CVS on Windows is broken...again

From: Conrad T. Pino
Subject: RE: Building CVS on Windows is broken...again
Date: Sun, 15 Feb 2004 19:48:09 -0800

Hi Derek,

> From: Derek Robert Price
> I explaioned in another email to Larry.  Still waiting to hear more
> opinions on the importance of the error check I restored.

I general, the more error checks be better say I!!!

> >>Are you certain there isn't just some library we're
> >>neglecting to include or some other function name (like "_fcntl()") we
> >>should be using?  I've seen similar problems with other POSIX functions
> >>under Windows.
> >
> >
> >Now, as far as some other function you should be using for Windows, I don't
> >do much low-level file I/O in my work, so I wouldn't be able to answer that
> >question without doing a fair amount of research.
> Anybody else know about this?

Windows support of POSIX is claimed but I'm sure is limited.  Here's the 
overview URL:

Chapter 8 of the above describes some limitations for fcntl re POSIX.1, see 
Table 3:

Chapter 9 of the above describes fcntl but rewrites it away, see "File and Data 
Access" link:

The Visual C++ 6.0 Run-Time Library Reference, see "Alphabetic Function 
Reference" in left frame:
just plain flat out omits "fcntl" function altogether.

If you send me an "fcntl" function prototype and requirements
description, I'll see what's possible using native Win32 API.


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