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Award Notification.

From: hassanmupete2000
Subject: Award Notification.
Date: Tue, 17 Feb 2004 16:53:01 +0100


From: Hassan Uday
 Without the death of Qusay and Uday (sons of Saddam Hussein) his brother who 
abandoned me and my mother i would'nt have come out to say this but i can still 
thank Allah for this oppotuinity.
    He promised to take care of my mother and i with the condition that it will 
not be made known that i am his son,although he use to supply us everything we 
need but my mother still live with that grieve of an abandoned and undisclosed 
wife hoping that Allah will one day intervain on our behalf.This whole stories 
where narrated to me by my mother since i was very small to know what happened 
19years ago,but their death has given me the opportuinity to come out and seek 
for my life.
    In the year 2002 when my country Iraq was asked to declare their weapon of 
mass destructions by United Nation after the suden destruction of the World 
trade centre in New york,my late father Uday Hussein came in one day and hand 
over an envelope to my mother which i later come to know that that is the 
documents of the money he had deposited with the security company in spain,to 
my suprise my 30year old mother revealed it to me as what i can make up my life 
with while she remarry the man of her choice.But the problem still remains 
since i dont have anybody who can help me to claim out or transfer Sixteen 
million,five hundred thousand Us dollars ($16.500,000.00) to his/her account 
since at my age and my condition i cannot stand on my own to go and claim this 
amount of money,besides if my people will ever know that i am to gain such an 
offer in my life i am very sure that i will not be let to live and tell what 
will happen to poor soul.
     Please sir/madam am very sorry if this personal problem will disturb your 
peace but i will really appreciate it if you can be of help to me since i have 
the whole documents required for this only that i dont know the step to take 
with them.I am not trying to be selfish but i can give you upto 30% of the 
whole amount to you after you might have subtracted your expencies from it.I 
will personally like to live Baghdad to another country for my study only at 
your help sir/madam.
I look forward for your reply as this could help restore hope to my life.
Yours sincerely,


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