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Re: Some 1.12.3 issues noticed.

From: Mark
Subject: Re: Some 1.12.3 issues noticed.
Date: Tue, 17 Feb 2004 19:16:22 -0800 (PST)

>>>Since upgrading to 1.12.3 from 1.11.1p1, we have noticed the
>>>following changes (non-root pserver, solaris 2.8,
>>>1) routinely pserver processes exit before cleaning up (or
>>>cleaning up) their respective cvsserv-* directory
>>This could potentially be a side effect of recent changes on the
>>I'm going to add some checks to the test suite, but I don't
suppose you
>>could provide some set of steps that consistently leaves behind
>>cvsserv-* directories?
> I just confirmed that I can run the entire test suite
> leaving any cvs-serv* directories behind.  Maybe 1.12.5 would
fix your
> problem?  Are you using a hacked version of CVS?

hacked version? hmmm... a more user proof version is what I like 
to call it...

one line source hack, same hack I have been using for years 
(including with 1.11.1p1, which didn't have these issues, 
including the /var/adm/messages entries)....maybe a configure 
switch or config setting could be added as a feature in a future 
release to accomplish the end result of this hack.....

1.12.3 file: src/server.c
<     do_cvs_command ("import", import);
 >     error (1, 0, "this pserver does not support import");

We cannot go to 1.12.4 or 1.12.5 due to the problems of the 
"waiting on lock" core dumps......

As far as repeatative steps.... without being about to identify 
a user, a machine, or an ip address associated with the 
particular pserver temp dir, its hard to call them up and ask 
what they did, which client their using, etc....

one case may likely be a cancel/abort in the midst of an (large) 
operation, checkout/tag/rtag..... another possibility (or combo) 
is many users are using eclipse.. not sure what effect eclipse's 
cvs client may have... but whatever the client... it shouldn't 
cause the server to act up...

if you think that the change I made will contibute to the 
issues, I will replace the pserver binary without the server.c 
change above... and monitor... or wait to try out 1.12.6....

casual investigation of the pserver temp dir structure that is 
left processesless, is it is left with many CVS directories but 
just a few repository files down in the structure or in most of 
the cases, the top level CVS directory is missing... and you 
have to drill down a few levels to find one.... don't know if 
this helps at all or not....


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