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you will be greatly rewarded

From: sushow
Subject: you will be greatly rewarded
Date: Thu, 19 Feb 2004 04:11:12 -0800

FAX:1 206-984-9209


Dear Friend,
This contact has become imperative based due to the recent tribulation 
in Zimbabwe which has led to my present predicament. I'm therefore 
using this medium to appeal to your good conscience to come to the rescue 
of my family.
I am Mrs. Susan Howard a widow to a white commercial farmer from 
Zimbabwe and I got your contact from one of our business directories. I was 
born and bred in Zimbabwe to the best of my knowledge. My parents and 
grandparents lived all their lives in Zimbabwe, Africa. I have also lived 
all my life in Zimbabwe and so have all members of my family, therefore 
it is right to call me a Zimbabwean though white, I am by law a 
Zimbabwean. I have little or no knowledge of my roots for the fact that my 
forefathers as I was told, hailed from Australia,which I have never 
visited all my life. It is pertinent that I tell you all this so that you can 
come to a full comprehension of the ill treatment that we have received 
from the Zimbabwean government of late.
The government of Robert Mugabe, President of Zimbabwe,in the year 2000 
promulgated an abbysmal land law,the fast tract land resettlement 
program,aimed at taking land from the rich white commercial farmers in 
Zimbabwe and given it to the so called poor natural inhabitants of 
Zimbabwe,the black Zimbabweans,who as the president claimed are the rightful 
owners of these land. To this end,our lands,including the lands where our 
personal houses where built on have been taking from us, rendering us 
homeless. In pursuance to this law,the so called natural inhabitants,the 
black Zimbabweans,have committed serious human rights violations in the 
process of forcefully taking our lands from us. Many of our white 
brothers were maimed, killed and rendered homeless. Those of us that are 
alive now live in fear.
As the victim of this inhuman treatment,I have been rendered 
homeless,that I now live in a village in the far north of Manica 
land,Zimbabwe,where I have to travel 100 kilometers to send this mail to you. 
We were 
hoping that the international community will come to our rescue,but this 
hope has been dashed since all we hear is that the international 
community is still appealing to the Zimbabwean Government to reconsider the 
law,which clearly has fallen on deaf ears,since most of us have been 
relegated to abject poverty and homelessness while living in fear. All our 
properties have been confiscated including our bank accounts which have 
been frozen.The rest of us who managed to flee Zimbabwe at the 
inception of this law are now the lucky ones.
My dear friend,I have lost all I worked for all my life. As a tobacco 
farmer I have lost both my farm land and all my financial resources in 
Zimbabwe. I only have one hope left,which is to leave Zimbabwe alive. I 
am using this medium to appeal to you to come to my rescue and that of 
my family by helping us get out of Zimbabwe to a safe abode,where we 
can start life afresh again. We have some money deposited with a courier 
firm in Amsterdam from an affiliate office in South Africa enable us 
float an export and import company to facilitate the transportation of my 
farm produce which was costing us alot. I cannot reach the money 
because of my present isolation. Moreover I do not have a bank account 
anymore in Zimbabwe to facilitate bank to bank transfer. I need your help to 
withdraw this money as all the documents neccessary for this withdrawal 
is still in my possession so that I can leave Zimbabwe as soon as 
possible and settle down with my family in your country. 
Please endeavour to try and help me as you will be greatly rewarded for 
your effort.
I thank you for your anticipated cooperation as I await your response 
to this mail.
Susan Howard.
NB:Please reply to my confidential email address:shalloo11@rediffmail.com

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