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Seg fault in 1.12.5

From: Steve McIntyre
Subject: Seg fault in 1.12.5
Date: Sat, 21 Feb 2004 16:58:50 +0000
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I've just had a bug reported in Debian about 1.12.5:


$ cvs update -jupstream_version_2_12_0-CVS20031225 
AUTHORS already contains the differences between and
ChangeLog already contains the differences between and
INSTALL already contains the differences between and
Makefile.am already contains the differences between and
cvs update: use `cvs add' to create an entry for `Makefile.in'
Segmentation fault

See attached ltrace.  Tarball of the repository is available upon

Severity grave because:
 1) This renders cvs unusable if you hit the bug
 2) strcmp something to NULL makes me suspicious that it is part of
    a security hole

This bug was reproduced in the 1.12.2-2 version of the package.
Package version 1.12.1-7 did not exibit the bug. (I love
:) ), and managed to apply the update.


The end of the trace output looks like:

__ctype_b_loc(0x080e3300, 0x080dc0e0, 3, 0x080d7088, 13794) = 0x4bee4fb8
strlen("upstream_version_2_12_0-CVS20031"...)    = 35
strchr("upstream_version_2_13_0-rc1-CVS2"..., 'u') = 
"upstream_version_2_12_0-CVS20031"..., 35) = 1
strchr("\n\tupstream_version_2_13_0-rc1:1."..., 'u') = 
"upstream_version_2_12_0-CVS20031"..., 35) = 1
strchr("\n\tupstream_version_2_12_0-CVS200"..., 'u') = 
"upstream_version_2_12_0-CVS20031"..., 35) = 0
malloc(8)                                        = 0x080dc118
strncpy(0x080dc118, "", 7)                = 0x080dc118
strrchr("", '.')                          = ".3"
strlen("")                                = 7
malloc(8)                                        = 0x080dc128
sprintf(".0.", ".%d.", 0)                        = 3
strlen(".0.")                                    = 3
strncmp(".0.", ".1.3", 3)                        = -1
free(0x080dc128)                                 = <void>
strlen("")                                = 7
strcmp("", "")                     = 0
strcmp("", "")                     = 0
strcmp("", "")                     = -2
strcmp("Sun Dec 28 02:49:35 2003", NULL <unfinished ...>

The reporter has given me his repository and I can reproduce the bug,
to the point of getting a core dump myself. Back trace shows the
crash comes from strmcp() in join_file(); ts_rcs is NULL:

(gdb) bt
#0  0x400f77d4 in strcmp () from /lib/libc.so.6
#1  0x0809a52e in join_file (finfo=0xbffff390, vers=0x80dba38) at
#2  0x08097b92 in update_fileproc (callerdat=0x0, finfo=0xbffff390) at
#3  0x08086ea0 in do_file_proc (p=0x0, closure=0xbffff380) at
#4  0x08065ccd in walklist (list=0x80da798, proc=0x8086e20
<do_file_proc>, closure=0xbffff380) at hash.c:362
#5  0x08086a46 in do_recursion (frame=0xbffff420) at recurse.c:828
#6  0x08087244 in do_dir_proc (p=0x0, closure=0xbffff4d8) at
#7  0x08065ccd in walklist (list=0x80d8380, proc=0x8086f50
<do_dir_proc>, closure=0xbffff4d8) at hash.c:362
#8  0x08086b56 in do_recursion (frame=0xbffff5a0) at recurse.c:858
#9  0x08086399 in start_recursion (fileproc=0x8097a30
    filesdoneproc=0x8097fc0 <update_filesdone_proc>,
    direntproc=0x8098120 <update_dirent_proc>, 
    dirleaveproc=0x80984e0 <update_dirleave_proc>, callerdat=0x0,
    argc=0, argv=0x80d7768, local=0, which=7, 
    aflag=0, locktype=1, update_preload=0x0, dosrcs=1,
    repository_in=0xbffff5a0 "0z\t\b\177\t\b \201\t\b#10 0x080979e7 in
    do_update (argc=0, argv=0x0, xoptions=0x0, xtag=0x0, xdate=0x0,
    xforce=0, local=0, xbuild=0, 
    xaflag=0, xprune=0, xpipeout=0, which=0, xjoin_rev1=0x0,
    xjoin_rev2=0x0, preload_update_dir=0x0, xdotemplate=0, 
    repository=0x0) at update.c:502
#11 0x08097693 in update (argc=0, argv=0x80d7348) at update.c:416
#12 0x08073466 in main (argc=4, argv=0x80d7338) at main.c:1057
(gdb) up
#1  0x0809a52e in join_file (finfo=0xbffff390, vers=0x80dba38) at update.c:2299
2299            && strcmp (vers->ts_user, vers->ts_rcs) == 0
(gdb) p *vers
$1 = {vn_user = 0x0, vn_rcs = 0x80dc620 "1.5", vn_tag = 0x80dc610 "1.5", 
  ts_user = 0x80dc260 "Sun Dec 28 02:49:35 2003", ts_rcs = 0x0,
  options = 0x80dc5e8 "-ko", ts_conflict = 0x0, 
  tag = 0x0, date = 0x0, nonbranch = 0, entdata = 0x0, srcfile =

I've never looked through this area of the code myself, so some help
here would be appreciated. The repository in question is quite small
(<10MB as a tar.bz2) if anybody wants a copy...

Steve McIntyre, Cambridge, UK.                                steve@einval.com
"It's actually quite entertaining to watch ag129 prop his foot up on
 the desk so he can get a better aim."          [ seen in ucam.chat ]

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