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Alias module exclusion - subsequent update -d ignores exclusions

From: Matt Butt
Subject: Alias module exclusion - subsequent update -d ignores exclusions
Date: Wed, 25 Feb 2004 18:12:59 -0000

I've seen this mentioned in a few places as well but can't find any
patches or hacks to fix it.  Personally I can't think of many cases that
the current behaviour is useful.  Maybe this should be a request for
change rather than a bug report...

If I have a tree such as


And in CVSROOT/modules I have a line:

  MyModule_export -a !MyModule/sourcefiles MyModule

By executing:

  cvs checkout MyModule_export

I get just the MyModule/compiledfiles directory as expected.

However, if I then do:

  cvs update -d

then MyModule/sourcefiles is retrieved from the repository.  It makes
more sense to me to keep this directory excluded.  I know I can leave
off "-d" but in the environment I'm using this (updating a live web
server with the latest files from the CVS repository) this isn't

Tests were carried out on latest version downloaded from the CVS
repository, 17:30 GMT on Feb 25th.


Matthew Butt

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