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Re: Alias modules - exclusion directory bug

From: Paul Jolly
Subject: Re: Alias modules - exclusion directory bug
Date: Wed, 25 Feb 2004 19:02:40 +0000
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Matt Butt wrote:
I've seen this mentioned once in a newsgroup but can't find any official
bug report so thought I should raise it here.

Say I have a module called MyModule.  This has the directory structure:


In CVSROOT/modules I have a line:

  MyModule_export -a !MyModule/as MyModule

If I then execute:

  cvs checkout MyModule

All I get is the MyModule/blah folder.  The exclusion of !MyModule/as
also excludes the MyModule/asp directory.  I assume this is a bug as
this behaviour is not mentioned in the manual and there is no way I can
find of making this work as expected.

Can you get around this by appending a trailing slash to the directory name in the exclusion line:

MyModule_export -a !MyModule/as/ MyModule

[this is an untested solution]

Department of Computing, Imperial College London

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