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Re: Spam on this list

From: Paul Edwards
Subject: Re: Spam on this list
Date: Sun, 29 Feb 2004 22:04:53 GMT

No, it's because some of us use this list as a one-stop
shop.  We get unbelievable sums of money from various A
frican despots, then use the proceeds to buy humungous
quantities of V*a-
gra to use in conjunction with our hugely increased
"willies" (I can personally testify that the effects of
buying the purported extension qualities offered to
me 4 times per day and accepted every time are

BFN.  Paul.

"Paul Gelderblom (ptok)" <paulg.xlbspam@xs4all.nl> wrote in message 
I recently subscribed to this list, and am somewhat put off by the amount of 
spam it generates.
It's much worse than info-cvs.
Maybe the settings can be changed to allow only subscribers to submit (I'm not 
sure how info-cvs manages to stay much cleaner).
Of course I can try to filter locally, but it's still a waste of bandwidth.
Or is it essential to keep this list open to all to avoid missing important 
bugs sent by non-subscribers?

Paul Gelderblom

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