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Re: cvs pserver uses ALOT of memory

From: Jon Bendtsen
Subject: Re: cvs pserver uses ALOT of memory
Date: Wed, 3 Mar 2004 10:04:08 +0100

Den 2. mar 2004, kl. 8:28, skrev Mark D. Baushke:

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Jon Bendtsen <jbendtsen@laerdal.dk> writes:

Anyway, i have this problem that while checking out from my repository
i get the same results.
the cvs pserver ends up using 400-500 MB of memory, which is a little
too much since i have about 40-50 cvs users, all using cvs throughout
the day, meaning i constantly have about 4-5 users :( which fills the
machine :(

What happens when you take the largest ,v file in your repository and
mmap() it into memory and then add to that another full copy of the
checked out file to your processes memory? This is my rule-of-thumb
approximation for how much memory I need to have to do a proper checkout
of the module that contains such large binary files.

allright, that explains it, the biggest ,v file is the .exe file, which is 369M but only 8.6M
after a checkout.

Another way to approach it is to look and see how big does an RCS 'co'
process gets during a checking out your largest ,v file? Note that
checking out the top-of-tree should be easy, but checking out from a
branch or looking at older versions will take lots of memory.

cvs is probably not the correct tool to use for your binary data due to
the way it stores deltas on a line boundary basis. You might do better
with subversion which uses an Xdelta method to (re)store changes much
more efficiently.

i know, but it's only very resently that it got to version 1.0


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