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Re: cvs pserver uses ALOT of memory

From: Jon Bendtsen
Subject: Re: cvs pserver uses ALOT of memory
Date: Wed, 3 Mar 2004 11:51:01 +0100

Den 3. mar 2004, kl. 11:33, skrev Mark D. Baushke:

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Jon Bendtsen <jbendtsen@laerdal.dk> writes:

Den 2. mar 2004, kl. 8:28, skrev Mark D. Baushke:

Jon Bendtsen <jbendtsen@laerdal.dk> writes:


cvs is probably not the correct tool to use for your binary data due to the way it stores deltas on a line boundary basis. You might do better
with subversion which uses an Xdelta method to (re)store changes much
more efficiently.

i know, but it's only very resently that it got to version 1.0

Indeed, but it does look like it is a very solid version 1.0...

sounds good.

For CVS, a possible workaround might be to change filenames for each
version of the 8.6MB file and have 'make' or something else point at the
latest version of it. This means that any given individual ,v file of
this type would only be around 9MB in the repository even though you
would hae a large number of them. You could 'cvs rm' the versions that
were no longer useful if that was determined to be needful. I would not
call this an 'ideal' solution, I merely offer it as a possible
workaround for your current situation.

thank you, but it is a build, so the file is a .exe file, which starts our app, so
i dont think renaming it is an option, but thanks for suggesting this.


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