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RE: May be BUG

From: Veera Prasad
Subject: RE: May be BUG
Date: Wed, 3 Mar 2004 10:10:54 -0500

Thanks for responding ...

[root@wave CVSROOT]# cat commitinfo
# The "commitinfo" file is used to control pre-commit checks.
# The filter on the right is invoked with the repository and a list
# of files to check.  A non-zero exit of the filter program will
# cause the commit to be aborted.
# The first entry on a line is a regular expression which is tested
# against the directory that the change is being committed to, relative
# to the $CVSROOT.  For the first match that is found, then the remainder
# of the line is the name of the filter to run.
# If the repository name does not match any of the regular expressions in
# file, the "DEFAULT" line is used, if it is specified.
# If the name "ALL" appears as a regular expression it is always used
# in addition to the first matching regex or "DEFAULT".

The perl script looks like below:
[root@wave CVSROOT]# cat argv.pl
#!/usr/bin/perl -w

$numargs = $#ARGV + 1;

print "Thanks for giving me $numargs \n";

foreach $argnum (0..$#ARGV)  {

        print " $ARGV[$argnum]\n";

Please let me know if you need anymore information ...

Thanks in advance.

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Subject: Re: May be BUG

Veera Prasad writes:
> I am using simple perl script to display the arguments being passed at the
> time checkin in dev enviroment.

You haven't given us enough information to help you.

Which administrative file are you invoking your script from and what is
the exact line from that file?

-Larry Jones

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